10 Insanely Awesome Things to do with Pumpkins

Julie Lemerond October 15, 2015

Even though our Arizona autumn feels more like summertime, that doesn’t stop us from getting into the Halloween spirit!  This is a really great time of year for families, as there are lots of wonderful activities to enjoy throughout this fun season. 

We’ve compiled a list for you of ten insanely awesome things to do with pumpkins!  And don’t worry, the days of pumpkin carving equating to two triangle eyes and a toothy grin are long gone.  But even if you aren’t Martha Stewart in the craft department, we’ve got some ideas for pumpkin decorating that will, at the very least, make for a fun afternoon. 

Grab the kids and some pumpkins and get started!

1. Just as pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, so do thumbtacks!  Find some interesting ones at your local craft or office supply store and use them to write words on your pumpkin - short words like Boo or Eek work best.

2. Create a ‘pumpkin snowman’ by stacking three pumpkins on top of one another and       decorating as you would a snowman, maybe even adding some fun touches such as a    shirt and pants!

3. Pull out the paints - paint your pumpkin like a candy corn, or a candied apple, maybe even adding some glitter or jewels to give it more pizzazz.

4. Use a sharpie to draw fall-inspired shapes or images, such as fall leaves.  There are dozens of different-colored markers available to use to make your pumpkin a colorful one!

5. Create a pumpkin disco-ball (minus hanging it from the ceiling, of course!).  First hollow out the pumpkin and then drill dozens of small holes throughout.  Add a flickering light to the  interior and it’s disco inferno!

6. Create a pumpkin family that mirrors your own, with each family member creating their own likeness in pumpkin form.  Line them up outside your front door or inside your home where you will see them every day - continue adding to them as the month goes on.

7. Or better yet, dress up a set of pumpkins like your favorite band, or the characters from your favorite TV show.  (and possibly even have them re-enacting a scene!)

8. Paint your pumpkin whatever color you choose, and then use a stencil to write your address on the front.  Can even use glow-in-the-dark paints to write the address on.  Leave by your front door to ensure that nobody   ends up lost looking for your home in the dark!

9. Find a pumpkin-carving kit at your local craft store or online, and you will have a variety of shapes and patterns to use.  Many kits also offer a pumpkin scoop too, which helps to clean out the pumpkin before starting.

10. Once the pumpkins are carved, put them in the fireplace and light them up nightly instead of a real fire - much more interesting to watch, and your home may get a little bit of that yummy pumpkin aroma too.