3 Tasty Treats for Halloween

Julie Lemerond October 23, 2015

Whether you are entertaining guests for Halloween or just hanging with the family, here are some fun treats to put together to celebrate in style!  All of these recipes are easy and also fun to do with the kids.  Throw on an apron and get started!

Appet-eye-zer:  Mozzarella Eyeballs

Get a package of small mozzarella balls, sliced black and/or green olives, and some roasted red peppers.  Place mozzarella balls on a platter (may need to slice across the bottom to keep them from rolling), and then on top, add a sliced olive and small piece of the roasted red pepper inside the olive.  Use a toothpick to drizzle some ketchup or spicy sriracha along the cheese to create veins in the eyeballs.  Can use toothpicks to serve too, adding to the ‘eek’ factor!

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Bars

There are a few different options for making Halloween-themed Rice Krispie treats! 

The first is simply to add some candy corns on top of your regular bars at the end of making them, right before letting them set.  Push them gently into the top of the bars so that they settle in and stay while cooling.  Now that there are various colors and varieties of candy corns available, there are even more options to use too.  Try using Cocoa Krispies and adding caramel apple candy corns for a new twist!

Want to be even more creative?  Create your own tri-colored Rice Krispie treat resembling a candy corn!  Recipe will stay the same except we add food coloring. Follow the directions on the box but add the following steps:

  • Once your butter/marshmallow mixture has melted, separate into three different bowls, creating a 3:2:1 ratio.  (large, medium, small.)

  • In the largest bowl, add yellow food coloring and mix well.

  • In the medium bowl, add orange food coloring and mix well.

  • Leave the small bowl as-is.

  • Mix 3 cups rice krispies into large bowl, 2 cups rice krispies into medium bowl, and 1 cup rice krispies into small bowl

  • Using a greased round pie pan, put the small bowl of rice krispie mix into the center

  • Add medium (orange) rice krispie mix in a circle around the center mixture

  • Add large (yellow) rice krispie mix to fill along the outer edge of the pan

This should create a white center, medium orange ring and large yellow ring to fill the pan.  Allow to set, and then cut into pie-shaped pieces.  Voila!  Candy corn rice krispie treats! 

(Note to self that this recipe can be done for other holidays too with various colors!)

Chocolate Pretzel Rods

Melt white or dark baking chocolate via either stovetop or microwave (careful not to burn it), and then dip pretzel rods in.  Lay immediately onto wax paper on a small cookie sheet, and add the toppings!  You can find anything from orange and black sprinkles to halloween-colored candy discs perfect for decorating seasonal treats.  If using both types of chocolate, drizzle dipped pretzel rods with the other color before ‘bedazzling’ your rods with toppings.  Place in freezer for ten minutes to set.  Wrap each rod in

plastic with an orange ribbon to giveaway to friends and family!