4 Creative Ways to Hang Your Christmas Stockings (No Mantle Required!)

Katelyn Preston December 16, 2016

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”

We all know it. Stockings are a Christmas tradition, but what if you don’t have a fireplace and chimney to hang them by? We have four creative ideas for you – no mantle required.

#1 – Staircase Railing

Hanging your stockings on your staircase railing is a great alternative to a mantle. Add some garland and other decorations and you have a festive display – one Santa will surely see when he comes on Christmas Eve!

#2 – Curtain Rod

Hanging your stocking with ribbon to a curtain rod is a unique take on the placement of your stockings. Varying the length of the ribbon will give your display a whimsical effect, while the light from the window will show them off nicely.

#3 – Rustic Ladder

Especially if your home is shabby-chic, an old wooden ladder is the perfect way to add rustic feel to your Christmas stocking display. Hang your stockings on various rungs of the ladder – no need to be exact in your placement.

#4 – Simple Coat Rack

A coat rack can easily turn into a stocking display. Use your imagination, too – it doesn’t have to be a tall and skinny coat stand. You can also add temporary hooks to your wall to hang your stockings on.

All four of these ideas are saved to our Pinterest – get inspired and finish your stocking displays before Santa comes to fill them!