5 Festive Christmas Table Ideas

Maddie Waldman December 10, 2015

Right now, with Christmas knocking on the door, you sure have a lot to do—buying/cutting your Christmas tree (that is, if you haven’t already), shopping, gift wrapping, cards to write, planning the recipes, coming up with interesting cocktail ideas, and most importantly, deciding the table setting. After all, that’s where all your guests will be gathered for the star attraction of the party—the Christmas dinner.  

Since table setting is perhaps the most important part of Christmas decorations, it probably has to be one of the most expensive parts of the celebration, right? Wrong! There are many ways you can ace the table decoration game, without having to spend an arm and leg. What’s even better is, many of these creative table decor ideas can easily become fun activities you can enjoy with your entire family. What better way to bask in the Yuletide spirit?  

We’ve compiled a list of 5 amazing festive Christmas table ideas just for you.

Make a Wreath Chandelier

An eye-catching chandelier is a great way to draw guests to your dinner table, but store-bought chandeliers can be expensive. Instead, you can easily make DIY chandeliers at home that will only cost you craft materials, decorations, trimmings—and of course, interesting ideas. You could even use fresh or artificial Christmas greens to create your chandelier. In fact, the Internet is brimming with ideas. With only a few touch, taps or clicks, you’re likely to come across hundreds and thousands of inspirations, we’re sure!

Get Creative with the Centerpiece

When it comes to a DIY centerpiece, the only limit is your imagination! Using your creativity, you can easily turn simple, everyday objects into a beautiful centerpiece. For instance, you could fill a glass jar with painted pebbles, pine cones, baubles, flower petals, fairy lights, or simply anything you fancy, and what you have is a stunning DIY creation.
Or, you could simply use a clear vase or apothecary jar to create a potpourri of fragrant dried flower petals of your choice and place it on your Christmas dinner table. The lingering smell of the flowers will charm your guests while they savor the delicious meal.
Didn’t we say, your imagination is your only limit?

DIY Christmas Table Trivets

You could make table trivets from scratch or get readymade trivets and make them Christmas worthy. You could choose from wood, plywood, stone, beads, fabric, leather, and so many other materials to create the kind of trivet that matches your table décor. Get ideas and inspirations from online tutorials and guides and head over to your nearest craft store!

Make Pomander Bowls

Making fruit (especially orange) pomander balls are a part of the Christmas tradition in many families and great way to use some of the produce you’ll be buying at the grocery store anyway. You can find many pomander making tutorials online like this. But, instead of hanging the balls, you could place them in decorative bowls on your dinner table and rest assured—the lovely spicy and citrusy (if you’re using oranges and lemons) smell will add that extra oomph to your dinner table. Don’t take our word for it, try it!

Innovative Candleholders

Adorn your table-top with tinted candles placed inside mason jar lanterns. You could add sprigs of pine-scented Christmas greens and faux snow to create these perfect candle holders for the occasion. You could also try painting glitters on clear jars or vases and turn them into sparkling candle holders, which will instantly lend a festive atmosphere to your home.
While these were a few suggestions to get you started, you can definitely come up with your own Christmas table ideas and wow your guests like never before.