5 Must-Haves to Deck Out Your Man Cave for The Big Game

Katelyn Preston February 5, 2016

With the Big Game just a few days away, it’s time to get your man cave game-ready (that is, if you haven’t already)! What can be better than a space of your own where you can root for your team with your best buds in comfort and style and—let’s not forget—have your favorite game-day snacks within arms’ reach at all times? Yes, we know that sounds great but there isn’t much time left for you to get prepped for the big game this Sunday. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of 5 essentials your man cave needs to have, right now.

Big Screen TV

In fact - the bigger, the better! This one’s a no brainer but we still thought to give you a tip in this department to save you from frustrations and last-minute disappointments. While throwing a successful party can seem like a distant dream if you don’t have a big screen TV, you can still make do with smaller screens—just make sure you have multiple sets (depending on the number of people) strategically placed to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the game (and of course, the commercials).

Of course, we still recommend buying—or borrowing—a big screen TV for that ultimate game experience. 

Comfy Seating

Whether you love recliners and couches or you’re a bean bag guy…or perhaps, just a huge pile of pillows does it for you—there’s no way you can enjoy the game without enough big, comfortable seating options. Bonus points to you if it all matches the overall décor of your man cave. 

Proper Lighting

Granted, you’ll probably be more focused on the game but it’s no fun sitting in the dark. That’s why you should invest in some stylish fittings, lamps, and chandeliers—or go the DIY route—to add a much-needed functionality and character to your man cave. Oftentimes, this space is used for other parties, so installing a dimmer is a great way to get just the right amount of light without overtaking the TV and glaring up the experience.

Wet Bar

What is a man cave without a wet bar or beverage station? You can easily turn your old bookshelves or cabinets into a cool wet bar, while you could also invest in store-bought bar tops and cabinets that fits your style and interiors. But, don’t forget the ice or the fact that you need to keep your favorite drinks cool. A ‘kegerator’ or even a repurposed old refrigerator do the trick. For an innovative twist to traditional beer mugs, you could make these cool glasses from your old beer bottles. To go one step further, save the caps from your bottled beverages and create a cool bottle cap bar, table or other accessories like coasters. Check out our Community Manager’s creation!

Accessories and Décor Pieces

If you have some collectibles or sports memorabilia stored away, your man cave is the perfect place to show it off. Built-in cabinets or simple shelves are great for displaying all of your merchandise. DIY accent pieces like this beer-bottle clock or this globe lamp are sure to turn heads and lend your man cave that fun feel. You could cover the walls with the logos of your favorite teams, superheroes, or even comic strips for a man cave that reflects your personality. After all, this is your personal space to enjoy what you love!

What are your man (or woman!) cave must-haves? Snap a photo and share it with us to participate in our #SHOWYOURSPACE contest!