8 Creative Uses for Concrete Blocks in Your Home and Garden

Katelyn Preston November 25, 2016

If you’re looking for affordable and unique DIY ideas to give your home and garden a fresh new look, here’s something you need to try — concrete blocks.

Concrete, cement, and cinder blocks are large rectangular bricks commonly used in construction. Incredibly versatile, inexpensive, and low-maintenance, concrete blocks can be repurposed into practical furniture or decorative pieces at home or in your garden, with some creativity and time.

We’ve rounded up 8 creative ways to use concrete blocks in your home and garden.

1. Make a raised bed garden. Concrete blocks are much cheaper and more durable than wood, which makes them a practical and money-saving choice for raised beds. Simply arrange the concrete blocks together and fill them up with some dirt or potting soil - that’s pretty much it!

2. Modern outdoor planter walls. Any outdoor space—patio, porch, balcony or deck—is an ideal setting for container gardening, and modern planters offer a stylish solution to freshen up your porch or patio with fresh plants. Concrete blocks are a smart and economical way to add wall planter feature to your outdoors.  

Stack up concrete blocks to create multi-levelled planters or check out some amazing design ideas online. You could even spray paint geometric patterns on the concrete block planters for an eye-catching accessory for your outdoor space. 

3. Easy-to-make garden steps. The best thing about concrete blocks is that they allow you to build awesome stuff with just a little skill and creativity. In this case, concrete blocks can work as garden steps, whether temporary or permanent. And, thanks to plenty of DIY tutorials online, you won’t need a contractor to do this!

4. Modern and minimalist entertainment center. If a minimalist look is what you’re after, an entertainment center made with concrete blocks can be a great addition to your outdoor living space.

5. Industrial coffee tables. You can turn concrete blocks into low-cost, industrial-chic tables in a number of ways. While these tables will fit into your contemporary décor, they can be used to mix and match with other décor styles as well.  

6. Easy yet interesting DIY shelving. Concrete block shelving may exude the feel of a student’s apartment, but using them intelligently can help you create a rugged yet stylish look. For instance, you could stack the concrete blocks in 2-3 columns and arrange two wood planks horizontally to make a nice bookshelf.

7. Concrete block bench for outdoors. Being weatherproof, tough as nails, and cheap, concrete blocks can be used to make seating options for your garden area and patio. The only difficult part of this DIY project is to load and unload the concrete blocks. Once that’s done, rest is easy.

Want to jazz things up further? Add some paint and cushions and there you have it — you have your own customized outdoor concrete block bench for under $30!

8. DIY bed raiser. If your bed needs a little elevation, you can use concrete blocks to raise it to your desired level. The bonus? You get the advantage of the extra space for storing things like shoes and other small items under your bed.

While these are just 8 ways to creatively use concrete blocks in your home and garden, there are virtually endless possibilities to work with them. Bring some home and get creative now!