Last Minute Christmas Cookie Recipes

Katelyn Preston December 17, 2015

It’s time to check things off your list of Christmas preps—and, you realize you’re not done with your holiday baking. Does that mean you have to make do with store-bought cookies this Christmas? Not at all! You can still serve (and delight) your guests with fresh, homemade cookies with these simple and super-quick cookie recipes that you can literally throw together at the very last minute. Go ahead, bake them up and enjoy!

Christmas Blondies - 15 mins
No time to bake a Christmas fruit cake? No worries! These bite-size Christmas cookies bring together the classic Christmas flavors—brandy, candied cherries, and walnuts—that will make fruit cake lovers go nuts. These not only make great snacks or desserts for your Christmas party, but you can also add them to your holiday gift baskets too.  

Red Cinnamon Candy Cookies - 15 mins
These sugar cookies topped with red cinnamon candies are an incredibly easy and kid-friendly addition to your Christmas cookie tray. Instead of the regular cookie cutters, you could use the ones shaped like snowflakes, Christmas tree, and stars to make the cookies more appealing to even the pickiest of eaters.

Frosted Christmas Cookies - 15 mins
Frankly, no Christmas party is complete without nicely decorated cookies that taste great and look the part! You could make the sugar cookies as suggested in the previous recipe or use store-bought sugar cookie dough. After baking, let these cookies cool down before dressing them up in decorations of your choice—colorful frosting, powdered sugar, brightly-colored sprinkles, sugar pearls…the list is endless.

Black Forest Cookies - 15 mins
The base of this easy cherry-topped Christmas cookie may be store-bought, but its flavor is enhanced and brought alive by cherry preserves and cherry-flavored brandy. Finished with chocolate frosting and maraschino cherries, these cookies are pleasing to the taste-buds as well as to the eyes! 

Coconut Macaroons - 25 mins
These delicately sweet and melt-in-your mouth delicious cookies are too tempting to resist, not just for coconut lovers but for anyone. Plus, they are gluten-free. Drizzle some melted chocolate or some powdered sugar over the macaroons and rest assured, they’ll be polished off before you know!

No-Bake Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bars - 25 mins
Okay, these are not technically cookies but who cares when they’re so simple to make yet so delish! With a creamy pudding center sandwiched between layers of crispy cereal and rich chocolate, these no-bake bars are absolutely ideal if you want to rustle up a tasty treat in minutes. Chill them till after the dinner is over and serve them up for dessert.    

Toasted Almond and Chocolate Florentines - 20 mins
This is yet another gluten-free wonder you can whip up in less than half an hour and we bet, even those who aren’t on a gluten-free diet will love these! The thin, delicate cookies are loaded with the goodness and crunch of toasted almonds, and the combination of flavor and texture they offer is simply out of this world—pretty amazing for a last-minute dish!

Easy Walnut Apricot Bites – 10 mins
If you haven’t got more than 10 minutes to spare, these no-bake tarts are perfect for you. Simply fill store-bought tart shells with the delicious blend of honey-drizzled apricots and toasted almonds, spiced with crystallized ginger and ground nutmeg. The end result is pure delight!