Top 5 Tech Upgrades for Your Kitchen

Katelyn Preston February 3, 2017

Gone are the days when the kitchen was reserved only for cooking — not eating, not sharing a drink or two, and certainly not for entertaining guests. Things are different now. Over the past decade, kitchens have evolved into multipurpose spaces.

As a result, there’s a lot of technology making its way into the modern kitchen. Most of these innovations promise to make everyday use of kitchen easier, less time-consuming, and more energy-efficient.

Here are five tech upgrades that will make your kitchen better, more functional, and more convenient to work around. Plus, they will enhance the entire experience of gathering in the kitchen— from cooking and eating a meal, to entertaining guests.

Automated lighting

Automated lighting is an easy way to add convenience and cost-effectiveness to your kitchen. This type of lighting often comes with motion or voice detectors and can help save up to 50% on energy costs, which is great for the kitchen where lights are frequently left on. They can also be programmed to fit your mood, activities or schedule.

Smart appliances

From a fridge that connects to the internet and plates that portion control for you, to a coffee maker that brews a perfect cup just as you wake up in the morning, there’s a full range of smart appliances out there. These appliances come in a variety of sophistication levels and offer various connectivity options including smartphone monitoring, smart TV playback, and even internet radio. Explore what’s on the market and you’ll be surprised by what a Smart Home can accomplish.

Motion sensor trash cans and faucets

Handling raw meat in the kitchen is a chore, but what makes it tedious is having to wash your hands — and everything else the meat touches — multiple times to avoid contamination and illness. For example, you shouldn’t use your bacteria-covered hands to turn on the faucet or lift the lid off the trash can. Motion sensor-enabled faucets and trash cans can be operated with just a wave of your hand. Bid goodbye to this annoying kitchen issue forever!

Wi-Fi Kitchen memos

For many families, a lot of communication happens in the kitchen; after work and school and around the dinner table, we discuss things that need to get done. The Kitchen Memo system allows you not only to leave messages for family members, but also contact them with Wi-Fi calling. What if you forget to leave a note before stepping out? You can scribble it down using your smartphone as a canvas. How cool is that? Check out this version, by Invoxia.

App-controlled kitchen thermometer

Is your roast always overdone or undercooked? Well, here’s your solution — smartphone-enabled and app-controlled thermometers, like this one currently on Kickstarter. Simply insert it into the deepest part of your cut of meat, set the ideal doneness temperature, and wait for its app to notify you on your phone when your roast is ready and done to perfection.

There are so many tech upgrades you can bring into your home, and the kitchen is no different!