Home Renovations


Creating your optimal home environment should be an exciting and fulfilling experience.  Your happiness with your home affects your life in countless ways. At Alair Homes, we understand and respect how important it is to not only create a spectacular space, but also to minimize your stress during a remodel. Whether you want a new bathroom or kitchen, want to add on more square footage to your home, or want to tear down and create your new dream home in your ideal location - we have a passion and commitment to bring your dreams to reality. You deserve a contractor who is on your side, completely transparent, and dedicated to delivering your vision.

To ensure the best results and total satisfaction with your project, the right contractor is essential. Understanding the different contract types is critical to making the right choice. At Alair Homes, we use our own exclusive Client Control™ method. This unique approach gives you 100% transparency and total control over your project from start to finish.

The first step is to contact us so we can learn about you and what you want out of your home. Once we work with you on the basic details of your project, we create and deliver a 120-point free estimate.

Below are the types of home remodels we specialize in:

- Major Renovations (including teardowns)

- Kitchen Remodels

- Bathroom Remodels

Whether you choose Alair Homes or another contractor, we want you to be as informed and educated as possible. Let us know if we can help you with your project in any way and at any stage in design, estimation, or construction.