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Element Fire Glass

Element Fire Glass

Enhancing Flames with Luxury


Element Fire Glass strives on providing the best experience in choosing and creating your unique fire glass design elements. Enhance your backyard or living room flames with luxury and create a stunning display with our fire glass. More than 10 colors and styles available!

Fun facts about fire glass:
-Fire glass radiates more heat than your bleak lava rocks and fake logs!
-Fire glass is heat treated to sustain temperatures exceeding 1700 degrees!
-Our fire glass is guaranteed permanent when installed correctly.
-Propane operated fire units tend to permit a slight soot over time...stick to darker colors which lack iron to omit soot.
-Since natural gas is at its purest form, feel free to choose any color glass for your natural gas operated unit!


  • Indoor and Outdoor Fire Glass Elements
  • Fire Glass Water Features

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Element Fire Glass

Phoenix, AZ