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Orange Dragon Designs LLC

Orange Dragon Designs LLC

Increase the value and comfort of your home with quality workmanship.


With an openness and focus of client needs, artist Adam Smith will have your project artistically executed with care and professionalism. Orange Dragon offers a wide variety Adam of Orange [Adam of Orange Dragon] Dragonof finishes from old world plaster to contemporary modern. Murals, marbles and one of a kind custom treatments.

Adam will work with the home owner or with the designer/architect to bring innovative style and ideas. From start to finish he will work closely with the project lead to see that what was envisioned becomes a reality. Adam uses top products and can create finishes for any budget. No matter what your project is, if it’s a new wall, a redo, or just a small repair he will see to it that everything is done with the attention it deserves.

Adam has been painting decoratively since 2002. He attended the Phoenix Academy of Decorative Finishes from 02-04. Learning there a wide range of techniques and finishes. Always polishing up skills and looking at old techniques through new angles. He also attends classes at Scottsdale Artist School where he studies under W. Hook.

“I love looking at surfaces. I hope you do too. There is an excitement in looking at a plain wall and thinking what it may become. Personally, I love straight lines and sharp corners and symmetry. But not all finishes call for that. The important thing that I like to remember is to keep the big picture balanced. Which means to know that colors have frequencies and weight. Movement has a direction and a purpose.”

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Orange Dragon Designs LLC

Tempe, AZ