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Skywoods Decorative Painting & Murals

Skywoods Decorative Painting & Murals

Skywoods specializes in interior murals, faux finishes and venetian plaster effects.


Skywoods Decorative Painting and Murals specializes in murals, faux finishes and venitian plaster. Our artists pride themselves on transforming the interior by providing a wide range of services including basic to highly advanced murals and simple to intricately detailed faux finishes on a diverse variety of surfaces, including walls, mantles, columns, objects and furniture. Our murals and decorative paint effects transform interiors with an enormous amount of class, distinction, and personality.

We work one-on-one with our customers to create beautiful faux effects in any home, office, or restaurant. Each mural or paint effect is tailored to the customer’s individual imagination and style. We consult closely with our customers to add an artistic addition to any room. Whether you prefer a subtle faux finish or a dramatic mural, we can help you bring out the ultimate potential of your home. Skywoods is a team of accomplished artists who provide the mastery of perspective drawing and representational painting required of mural painting.

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Skywoods Decorative Painting & Murals

Phoenix, AZ



11:00AM - 7:00PM Monday - Saturday
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